Design a Vagina – last call for volunteers…

October 19, 2009

The Design a Vagina project must soon draw to a close. I have now cast over 250 women and need only another 30 to reach my target. Casting will cease fairly soon and we will move into the assembly phase.

So if you’d like to be included in the vagina wall and become a little piece of art history then do get in touch pronto!

Also there are just a couple more people on my wish list for specific types of cast. If you or anyone you know might fit the bill please please do get in touch or pass this on… I need to cast:

1. A women before and after her first vaginal birth (not immediately after – don’t worry).

2. A woman who has suffered from female genital mutilation (this has so far proved impossible – please help)

3. A woman before and after labiaplasty surgery.

I want to make this survey of women as complete as possible and the women above would be of enormous relevance to the project.

Do please get in touch asap…


Brighton Body Casting Has A New Location!

February 20, 2009

Brighton Body Casting has moved to a new location on Ship Street Gardens, right across from She Said and Impure Art Gallery. We are very excited about this move. Come check it out and tell us what you think.


Design A Vagina-Volunteers Needed

October 31, 2008

What is Design A Vagina you ask? Well, Design A Vagina is the third in a series exploring our relationship with our genitals. The final piece will have 5 panels of 40 casts. Jamie has taken moulds now from around 150 women but he still needs another 50 volunteers.

The title is a play on words, commenting on the trend for surgery to create the ‘perfect’ vagina. This modern equivalent of FGM is a bizarre practice which suggests that one is better than another. 200 casts arranged in this manner is in no way pornographic, as it might have been if photographs had been used. One is able to stare without shame but in wonder and amazement at this exposé of human variety. For the fist time for many women they will be able to see their own genitals in relation of other women’s. In doing so they may dispel many misconceptions they may have been carrying about what women look like ‘down there’.

The sculpture is serene and intricate and it works on many levels. The piece is ongoing and growing and Jamie intends to have the 200 casts completed in time for a London exhibition starting in Summer 2009. Already included are a male to female sex change, a female to male, and a virgin. Ages so far range from 18 to 61. Jamie wishes to include as many possibilities as he can, and he is actively seeking an FGM victim who would like to be included as well as women who use their vaginas to earn money etc. Additionally, we are looking for identical twins and before and after childbirth moulds. Any woman willing to volunteer is welcome to contribute to the Design A Vagina sculpture.

For more information, please visit Brighton Body Casting.

Bonsai Project

October 31, 2008

We are currently working on this really intricate Bonsai Tree project, that has taken quite a bit of time. I think most of the work was spent on designing the tree with our clients, but now that it is designed, the actual work seems to be going quite quickly. The tree is looking amazing. Here we see Jamie, Ceri and Steve working on the project at JAG downstairs from our studio. The weather was horrible that day so we had to take over the space downstairs. I can’t wait to see the finished piece. Happy Halloween!

Burlesque Against Breast Cancer

October 27, 2008

The Burlesque Against Breast Cancer Ball is an event that features performances from top international burlesque and variety artists. e ball intends to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on the 6th of November 2008 at the Old Market in Hove.

There have been a few clients asking us to cast their breasts right before a mastectomy, and some are even headed towards a double mastectomy. These casts are very important to us, and have certainly left an impact on us here at Brighton Body Casting. You can view images of these casts by visiting Brighton Body Casting Website. You will also find a link on our site to the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer website if you desire more information, or if you are interested in buying tickets.

Brighton Body Casting

October 27, 2008

It has been a long ride. Today is the first day we were able to make a few changes to our official blog, and I am very happy about it. We will be updating the blog every other day from now on with upcoming events, stories, projects, etc. We are really looking forward to sharing our studio happenings with everyone.